Benefits of Using Bamboo Fibre Straws

Bamboo fibre straws are truly ‘eco-friendly'

Bamboo has a short maturity age of 3 years which make it a renewable material. Some of the benefits of using Bamboo fiber straws are mentioned below:

  • Bamboo straws are made of 100% natural materials, nothing synthetic is added to these straws, thus they are eco-friendly
  • Bamboo straws are bio-degradable and thus they can be disposed as general waste without causing a threat to nature or wildlife
  • Unlike plastic straws that can harbour bacteria on them bamboo is antibacterial and quite easy to clean

With so many benefits of bamboo fiber straws, why would you want to use anything else? You can get your hands on some high quality bamboo straws at Shop.

The bamboo straws at Bamtastic Australia are made using the ‘Dry forming and processing’ method. This method does not alter the structure of the plant but only involves grinding of the plant into powder and processing them into natural bamboo fiber.

These bamboo straws are processed under 200°C to ensure low carbon emission. They have heat resistance of -20°C to 100°C so they can be used for a wide variety of food and drinks and have a capacity of 24 hours for liquids. Additionally, they completely degrade around 120 days.

Thus, the bamboo fibre straws at Bamtastic Australia are 100% Natural, Sustainable, Biodegradable and plastic free alternative. Thus you can make the switch to Bamboo straws today and help build a better tomorrow.

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